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Take a look at the list of tips below to find the expert advice you're looking for. If you need automatic gate repair services of any kind, our team is here to help. 

Make sure your gate is rust free

It’s very important to make sure that all the different parts of your gate and its opener are rust-free at all times. Even minor corrosion can become a major issue if it’s not treated in a timely fashion. The hinges of a swing gate and the track of a sliding type system need to be especially examined as they tend to be more prone to this type of ailment.

Use special paint to prevent rot

Wooden gates should be applied with special protective paint or a wood preservative to prevent them from rotting. Any small areas of rot that do appear on the gate can be treated with wood filler and then sanded over to preserve the curb appeal of the mechanism.

Find the right gate material for your needs

Wood is a widely used gate material but not as popular as wrought iron and steel because it's very sensitive and usually more expensive. People usually prefer to get a steel gate or an ornamental iron one. Aluminum is another option that can be beneficial due to its low maintenance requirements. However, it is also far less durable than its counterparts.

Change the opener keypad codes often

It only stands to reason that you should change your gate access codes every now and again, just to ensure that your property stays secure. There's a logical reason as to why most email service providers recommend and sometimes even force you to change your password every so often, and your home should benefit from the same precautionary measure.

Consider getting an additional gate lock

Using a lock and key or a combination lock on a self-closing gate is an added security measure that is highly recommended. Choose a rust-resistant lock to ensure that it remains functional for a long time. Never disclose the lock combination to others and if you are using a key, put it away in a safe place.



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